Women’s Health

Acupuncture for Women


At Rescue Acupuncture we take your bodies very seriously. Issues surrounding women’s health and well being are handled in a very delicate way.  Acupuncture can have a significant impact on a woman’s body whatever their age. Acupuncture can assist at an early age in a woman’s development, through puberty, through the child bearing years and into menopause and old age. At every step along life’s path can acupuncture be of some benefit, making you better.

Chinese Medicine and the Female Life Cycle


A woman’s body moving naturally and in a healthy state will change throughout her life. The changes in a woman’s life cycle reflect changes in how the body utilities its blood energy.

Early Childhood

In the prepubescent years, the building blocks of womanhood are developed. Exercise and nutrition are very important during these pivotal years. Acupuncture can help optimize these aspects so that one’s later development will have a smooth transition.


During puberty, as the body changes, the body spends a lot of energy on this restructuring. Development of the sexual organs as well as some serious body growth can be quite taxing physically and emotionally. Adolescence is another really important time in a woman’s life. With a good adolescence a woman can have a strong healthy adulthood, but if the process becomes interrupted in some way, then problems will arise later concerning menstruation and possibly fertility.


As a fully developed woman the state of the Blood Ki is just as important as the uterus or Blood Palace as it is referred to in Chinese Medicine. In order to fall pregnant, the female needs a healthy functioning Triple Warmer Or San Jiao which is particular to Chinese Medicine and difficult to find an equivalent in western physiology. Keeping the menstrual cycle regular (this will require different treatments according to the particular woman and according to where they are during their cycles), building the Blood and getting the overall circulation of the Ki and Blood is very important.


During menopause the body begins to conserves its blood energy. Although the menstrual cycle may have finished, the body is still using these organs and their hormonal outputs. They remain a vital part of a healthy older body.