Acupuncture For Sciatica


Rescue Acupuncture prides itself on its treatments for sciatica.  When sciatica hits, your whole body can become crippled with nerve pain shouting at you and its very difficult to find any relief. Over the counter medications such as NSAIDS can help short term but the damage they do to the body’s internal organs is well documented and avoidable. Acupuncture is a natural alternative to NSAIDS and the research shows that acupuncture is a superior treatment. Chinese medicine can relieve the pain and discomfort of sciatica and work towards a full recovery.

What is Sciatica

There’s no getting around it, sciatica is a pain in the ass. And legs. And lower back, but mostly the ass and legs. When the Sciatic nerve becomes impinged or pinched then pain travels along the nerve pathway. The Sciatic nerve is a cluster of nerve tissue starting from the lower back (coming from the Lumbar vertebrae) passing through the pelvis, passing by the Piriformis and then running down the leg. Thankfully sciatic pain is usually one sided, but it can swap sides and in a less instances can be felt in both legs at once.


The reasons why the nerve becomes inflamed and agitated are varied, however they are usually something to do with either tension in the Gluteal area (the ass) involving the Piriformis muscle or from the lumbar region of the back. Bad posture is often a culprit with slouching and other bad habits being partially responsible. Temporary physical changes such as a misaligned pelvis can also induce this pain. The pain can run down the back of the leg anywhere down to the feet or down the outside of the leg. Sometimes the pain is localized in the hip area as well.



Acupuncture Treatment for Sciatica


Rescue Acupuncture Clinic’s resident practitioner Dr Caleb Mortensen started treating this condition in earnest when he began working with Okuma Sensei. Katsuhiko Okuma has a particular approach to this condition that was generally very successful. Treatment was an all over approach, not just treating the pain site, but patients would start off face up, turn over and treat the back, then one side followed by the other side and finally face up again. People who experience this style of treatment definitely feel like they have been had a full body healing.


Acupuncture and moxibustion applied in the above manner not only addresses the heart of the matter but brings the body’s alignment back into play, thus relieving the Sciatica’s impingement pain.

Acupuncture and Sciatica Research


Overall the research is quite positive for acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and although researchers continue to look into the efficacy of acupuncture, its clear that acupuncture works and is a great alternative to taking potentially harmful medication.

In 2015, a systemic review of 11 trials showed acupuncture to be more effective than drugs, however because of the limited amount of rigorous and relevant studies, the evidence is limited.


Another study that same year, again a systemic review, this time of 112 trials involving 1842 people resulted in a even more positive assesment of acupuncture over western medications such as ibuprofen, NSAIDS and several other medications.


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