Chinese Medicine and Osteoarthritis

At Rescue Acupuncture we carefully and effectively treat the pain and discomfort of osteoarthritis. Wear and tear on the body, especially as we age, can produce painful joints like hips, hands and knees. In such cases, simple activities like doing the housework can have you crying out with arthritic pain. Swelling in the knees can also stop you from perhaps taking the stairs or worse still, stop you from bending to pick up things like grandchildren. Acupuncture can help you deal with that pain, reduce the swelling and get rid of that stiffness.

Wear and Tear Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that often eventually leads to surgical intervention like knee replacement surgery. Typically women are twice as likely to suffer from this condition and is at its highest prevalence over the age of 65.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis include:

  • Pain and discomfort, difficulty walking and using stairs
  • Commonly pain from doing housework
  • Soft Swelling of the soft tissue swelling such as around the knee joint
  • Hard swellings in the form of bony growths or Osteophytes which can irritate the surrounding tissues
  • Stiffness and immobility of the joints



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How can Acupuncture Help Me

Rescue Acupuncture employs procedures for sufferers of this condition that act to slow down the degenerative processes whilst addressing the pain that is there. Acupuncture will at the same time act to reduce any swelling and stiffness. The alternative being anti-inflammatories and analgesics that can damage the health of the internal organs and do nothing to support the boy’s health, merely masking the problem short term.


The Research and Acupuncture

Medical research has proven Acupuncture to be a safe alternative for the treatment of this disease. A 2014 systemic review and meta-analysis of 12 studies and 1673 patients confirmed that acupuncture was ” associated with significant reductions in pain intensity, improvement in functional mobility and quality of life”.


To quote from the above research, “Acupuncture should therefore be considered as an alternative to treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs”.



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