East Asia- A View on Health

Acupuncture and Eastern medicines are founded upon a holistic Taoist world-view. This is most easily recognized as the Yin-Yang symbol Tai Chi.

Rescue Acupuncture uses very fine needles and Moxibustion (a heat treatment) to heal the body We use a unique medical system of Meridians, Ki and body fluids. In the human body, the circulation and quality of the Ki  is reflected in both good and ill health.

Pain and illness cause disruptions to the Ki and fluids, whilst poor living and dietary habits can also cause disruptions bringing about pain and illness.

Slightly More In Depth

At Rescue Acupuncture it’s important to remember that the human body is viewed as a complete entity comprised of various interconnected systems. These various systems, such as the digestive system and the respiratory system; are all working together, affecting each other, nourishing each other and keeping each other in check.

The Human Body is seen within the terms of the 5 manifestations of Yin and Yang. These are known as the 5 Elements: Earth, Metal, Water, Wind and Fire. These elements all have correspondences with both the internal organs and superficial meridians of the body.

The signs of illness, disease and pain are found reflected in the Body, Mind and Spirit connection. Within the body, this might be seen as pain or irregularities along the meridian pathways. In the Mind and Spirit however, illnesses can be seen through the balance of emotions of Joy, Anger, Fear and Sadness.

Diagnostic techniques which influence treatment include reading the pulse variations (a very different method to Western Medical Pulse reading), tongue diagnosis as well as palpating the meridians and the abdomen (or Hara).

Treatments consist of refined needling and moxibustion along the meridians to promote the correct overall flow of Ki and balance the Yin and the Yang. Then one targets those functions of the body that are also troubled.

It is in this way that the body is brought back into balance, re-establishing a sense of wellbeing.

Acupuncture at Rescue Acupuncture, like its Taoist teachings, seeks the gentle path to recovery and ultimately, a sense of contentedness to the universe.

A Western Bio-Medical Explanation

The therapeutic effects of needling are reached through the stimulation of the nervous system with some overlap with the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and spinal cord. Acupuncture can have localised effects through the antidromic axon reflexes. This in turn releases neuropeptides and increases local nutritive blood flow.In the spinal cord and brain, acupuncture causes the release of opioid peptides and serotonin.

Current evidence from clinical trials supports its efficacy in alleviation of nausea, and relief from various types of pain. Its activity in these different symptoms suggests that acupuncture does not have a single mode of action but a range of effects on various functions which increases the complexity of both understanding and researching acupuncture.