The good news for sufferers of depression is that acupuncture can assist you. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine should be yet another medical weapon in your approach to getting better. Depression is often helped by changes to diet and lifestyle as well, the difficulty can lie with attaining the necessary strength to achieve these changes, thus the catch 22. This is, in part, is where acupuncture can help getting you strength and motivation  for real change.



Depression and Acupuncture


The Chinese Medicine of Depression


Chinese medicine takes a different perspective compared to the Western medical model. This is a very, very important point: the inter-relationships of the internal organs, Blood and Ki are such that the person develops the symptoms of depression. A persons moods and the body’s internal health, not just the mind/brain but the whole body, are intimately linked. This is why people who get depression have such difficulty getting back into ‘life’, their tendencies remain unchanged and thus they fall back into depression.

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Acupuncture for Depression

Acupuncture treatments for depression always start with full patient histories. Rescue Acupuncture’s effective treatment combines the history of the patient with Chinese Medicine palpation of the Hara (abdomen), reading the pulses and palpating meridians. Once a complete Chinese Medicine diagnosis has taken place can the acupuncture begin.

Acupuncture Works

Rescue Acupuncture employs gentle Japanese style treatments which involve soft needling and moxibustion. Japanese styles work particularly well because of its capacity to equally treat the Yang Ki as well as the Yin Ki. People with depression will in almost all instances require a course of sessions. The effects can be noticed directly after your treatment.

Research, Depression and Acupuncture


Acupuncture has proven itself worthy as a treatment option for depression. In one systemic study that looks at insomnia related to depression, the evidence is in favor of acupuncture treatments over Western medicine

In another systemic study looking at treating depression in women showed itself highly in favor of acupuncture treatment   “With respect to six reviewed studies, there is high-level evidence to support the use of acupuncture for treating major depressive disorder in pregnancy.”

One way in which acupuncture works on depression is by releasing endorphins according to one study