Very Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion

At Rescue Acupuncture Clinic, its a very traditional style of acupuncture being practiced. This means that moxibustion is a regular aspect of treatment. The reasons for this lie in Dr Caleb Mortensen’s studies, which over 15 years have led him to this  style, notably Japanese in its approach, in favor over its modern counterparts. Some may refer to this  as Meridian style or Nei Jing style, but whatever the name, whats most important is the patients welfare.

Qualifications and Further Studies

As the resident acupuncturist, Dr Caleb Mortensen (TCM) holds a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hons) from Victoria University.

He also has accreditation from hospitals in Shenyang and Dalian, China where he studied and worked with their traditional medicine practitioners.

Dr Mortensen regularly travels to Japan to study under several Japanese masters such as Ikeda Masakasu and Edward Obeidy.

An Unusual Apprenticeship

Traditionally one would learn the skills to practice Chinese Medicine through an apprenticeship, however nowadays learning is primarily based in universities. After graduating Victoria University, Dr Caleb Mortensen engaged in an apprenticeship with Katsuhiko Okuma Sensei since graduating in 2002 that lasted for 10 years, it is through this apprenticeship that he has developed skills in Japanese acupuncture.

He is a registered member of the Chinese Medicine Registration Board (APRHA) and a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

As a founding member of the Victorian Institute of Classical Oriental Medicine (VICOM), a not-for-profit group, he is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and skills relating to Japanese acupuncture.


Other Interests

Caleb Mortensen is happily a member of the Jikishoan Zen Buddhist community where he undertakes Buddhist studies. Located in Brunswick and Footscray.

Buddhist studies have become an integral part of my life now and I thoroughly encourage anyone interested to attend.

Click here for Jikishoan

He has also had several articles published in the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine on the subject of Japanese Acupuncture.