Acupuncture Clinic in Brunswick, Melbourne

15 years experience. Gentle touch to get you feeling great.

Welcome to Rescue Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Shop 1, 394 Lygon St Brunswick


At Rescue Acupuncture, we practice a gentler Japanese Style Acupuncture. This is a hands on, practical healing treatment. We use a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion to heal the body.

Relax in Capable Hands

Our clinic has a relaxed and healing environment with your privacy ensured. Our patients experience many sensations whilst receiving acupuncture and often times fall asleep during treatment sessions (a testament to our winning charms perhaps).

Chinese Medicine or Japanese style Acupuncture

Although I practice a Japanese style acupuncture, my qualifications are both with Chinese Medicine as well as having undergone further studies into certain Japanese styles. Dr Caleb Mortensen received his degree from Victoria University in 2001 in Traditional Chinese Medicine, studied in China at the Dalian TCM Hospital and the Shen Yang TCM Hospital. He then went on to apprentice for a further 10 years with Katsuhiko Okuma Sensei and has been privileged to name a few other masters as his teachers.

Acupuncture Melbourne

Rescue Acupuncture is located in the Northern Suburbs. Easy access by public transport and is very close to the Lygon St tram stop no 125, of the route no 1 and no 6 trams.

We service clients from Carlton, Essendon, Fitzroy, Moonee Ponds, Preston, Coburg and Northcote.

Why choose Rescue Acupuncture?

  • Most importantly at Rescue Acupuncture, we really care about you, how you are feeling and what we can do to make you feel better
  • Japanese style acupuncture is very gentle (we undergo special training to make any needling as painless as possible)
  • Japanese style acupuncture utilizes Moxibustion, which is a powerful tool for healing
  • Painful conditions improve with acupuncture
  • Digestion¬† improves with acupuncture
  • Sleep improves with acupuncture
  • Moods improve with acupuncture
  • Your overall sense of health and well-being will improve with acupuncture

Rescue Acupuncture Clinic, Dr Caleb Mortensen

At Rescue Acupuncture we specialize in Japanese style acupuncture, with a strong focus on effectiveness and good research. Dr Caleb Mortensen uses this Japanese style because he has found it to be a great tool for helping people in need.


A nationally registered Acupuncture service provider with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board and APHRA, he administers Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to Melbourne.

Dr Caleb Mortensen received his qualifications in 2001 but he has not stopped learning since. “Everyday, every single day there are new challenges in the clinic, with health there’s never a dull moment.”

Mission Statement

A Holistic Approach

Rescue Acupuncture endorses an integrated holistic approach, combining sage advise with effective Medicine. We use the best tools at our disposal to assist you with your complaints. Understanding and healing your body and mind using diet and lifestyle advice where appropriate.

Up To Date Medical Research

Rescue Acupuncture endorses a combination of in-depth medical theory and practice in both Western and Eastern Medicines. Staying up to date with current research as well as attending conferences and seminars is an integral part of this process (unfortunately this means the clinic will be closed during those times)

A Safe Space to be , relaxing and healing

Your comfort, your sense of security and well being as well as your peace of mind is very important to us. Rescue Acupuncture aims to always adopt techniques that allow for a safer and better treatment.

At Rescue Acupuncture I always do my best to explain my treatment approach, what I believe is the problem and how I might be able to help.